L’Université Bretagne Loire lance en 2017 une première campagne de cofinancement de 48 chercheurs postdoctoraux.

Chaque département sélectionnera des projets de recherche s’inscrivant dans sa prospective scientifique, dans le cadre d'une campagne de recrutement de chercheurs postdoctoraux visant à rayonner sur le plan international et à attirer sur le territoire de jeunes talents scientifiques.



Candidatures et auditions

La phase d’appel à candidatures sur les projets de recherche sélectionnés, d’audition et de sélection des candidats est ouverte.

Vous pouvez cliquer sur les intitulés accompagnés du pictogramme VISUEL 1afin de télécharger les offres disponibles actuellement.


The reseach laboratories affiliated to the ten Research Departements of Universite Bretagne Loire is hiring Postdorocal Fellows.

You can find here the list of job offers, grouped by Research Departement.

Several offers concern transdisciplinary researches at the interface of several domains.

Eligibility creteria

Candidates must hold a PhD. The thesis defense must have taken place after 31/08/2014 (Periods of sickness, maternity or parental leave shall not be counted in this 3 years period).

An international experience in research is required (during or after Doctorate).

Candidates must not have supported their thesis in the hiring institution and not previously worked in the host research unit.

How to apply ?

The following documents have to be sent by email to the Head(s) of the Scientific Project (refer to each job offer), with copy to the Research Mission at Université Bretagne Loire ( :

  • A short Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter showing your interest and especially addressing your professionnel project
  • A list of your major works (2 pages max.) : scientific publications, patents and others scientific productions
  • Letters of recommendation (not required)
  • A copy of your PhD diploma (For doctors graduated from a French establishment, a link to the thesis notice in the SUDOC Catalogue or the French official portal is sufficient)

The application deadline is indicated in each job offer.

Selection process

In addition to the scientific quality of the candidates, which is the main criterion for selection, juries are invited to integrate into their criteria the candidates' professional projects and their prospects of sustainable integration in the territory of the Université Bretagne Loire, in higher education and research or in other R&D sectors within the companies on the territory.

The Research Departments choose the selection process that they consider preferable to ensure quality recruitment (see the The European Charter & Code for Researchers). Whatever the chosen procedure, it must guarantee equal treatment between the candidates. A jury of at least three persons must make the selection of candidates.

The head(s) of the scientific projects are responsible for the organization of the interviews and the selection of the candidates within their research unit, in compliance with the recruitment rules and practices in force in their supervisory institution(s). A member of the Board of the Université Bretagne Loire Research Departement not belonging to the recruiting research unit, may represent the Departement in recruitment jury. The head(s) of the scientific projects shall transmit to the Department the result of their selection.


List of the postdoctoral fellow positions


Projets transdépartements


Research Departments Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
ACCP, OST IconeNorms, cultural identifications of the citizenship in Europe (NICE) Clément Thibaud, Félicien Lemaire EA 1163 CRHIA, Centre Jean Bodin EA 4337 Université de Nantes
ML, AAL Télécharger Nitrogen cycle in a kleptoplast foraminifera Emmanuelle Geslin, Anis Limani LPG UMR 6112, IRHS Université d'Angers
BS, Numeric VISUEL 1Modeling of TGF-B influence networks during tumor progression for the identification of therapeutic targets Nathalie Theret, Carito Guziolowski IRSET UMR 1085, LSN2 Université de Rennes 1
Numeric, AAL TéléchargerStatistical dosage for allelic detection and pedigrees reconstruction for different ploidy levels Frédéric Proïa, Jérémy Clotault LAREMA, IRHS Université d'Angers
ML, MM Fractionnement du broyats de MicroAlgues riches en triglycérides par procédés membranaires : mise au point de méthodes de caractérisation physico-chimique du colmatage par les lipides des membranes de filtration. Estelle Couallier, Anthony Szymczyk GEPEA UMR 6144, ISCR UMR 6226 Université de Nantes
OST, AAL Identification et représentation de la consommation d'insectes en Europe. Gaëlle Pantin-Sohier, Céline Gallen GRANEM, LEMNA Université d'Angers
MM, BS VISUEL 1Towards a bacterial metabolism characterization with submillimeter gas spectroscopy François Bondu, Françoise Binet IPR UMR 6251, Foton UMR 6082, ECOBIO UMR 6553 Université de Rennes 1
ACCP, CEI VISUEL 1Jungian Clubs in Europe. The reception "from below" of Jung's psychology and the creation of the first European network of patients in psychotherapy (1913-1944) Nathalie Richard, Brigitte Ouvry-Vial CERHIO, 3LAM Le Mans Université
BS, MM VISUEL 1Polarbio : Polarimetric orthogonally breaking imaging applied to the study of the dynamics of intracellular architecture Marc Tramier, Mehdi Alouini IGDR, FOTON Université de Rennes 1





ACCP - Arts, cultures, création, patrimoines


Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
VISUEL 1La critique architecturale Hélène Jannière HCA Université Rennes 2
VISUEL 1Humanist childhoods Patricia LOJKINE  3LAM Le Mans Université







AAL - Agro-écosystèmes et alimentation

Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
visuelDesign of marker sets and computational tools to predict plant pathogenicity of bacteria Marion Le Saux IRHS  
Télécharger Life cycle assessment for eco-design through agroecology : methodological challenges of upsacaling from field to farm Frédérique JOURJON, Hayo VAN DER WERF GRAPPE, UMR_A SAS ESA
VISUEL 1Process effects on the bio-availability of proteins Marie de Lamballerie GEPEA Oniris







Biologie et santé


Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
VISUEL 1Post-translational modifications of the LUBAC BIDERE Nicolas CRCINA Université de Nantes
VISUEL 1Mitoheart-Mitochondrial genome instability and cardiac aging Olivier Baris Mitovasc (UMR 6015 / UMR_S 1083)  


A study of the anti-edema effect of CDK inhibitors after focal cerebral ischemia in rat
Serge TIMSIT UMR 1078 Université Bretagne Occidentale
ImagingHR-Ouest PINEAU Charles IRSET  
SLIMMER DVAL-LAILLET David, Gaëlle Boudry Institut NuMeCan, Institut NuMeCan  






CEI - Cognition, éducation, interaction


Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
Compositional Semantics and incremental interpretation PERCUS Orin LLING (UMR 6310) Université de Nantes













ML - Mer et littoral


Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
VISUEL 1 Amplification of lipid production by microalgae : the role of transcription factors Justine MARCHAND Mer, molécules, santé (EA 2160) Université du Maine
VISUEL 1Seismic anisotropy and dynamics of Madagascar and Mozambican margins Mikael EVAIN Géosciences Marines Ifremer
TéléchargerSpatially-explicit modelling of benthic community dynamics – An application in the Bay of Brest, France Martin MARZLOFF Unité Dynamique des écosystèmes côtiers (DYNECO‐LEBCO) Ifremer
Evolution des concentrations en plomb et manganèse depuis le mésolithique en Rade de Brest : approche sclérochimique Julien THEBAULT Laboratoire des sciences de l'environnement marin (LEMAR UMR 6539) Université Bretagne Occidentale
VISUEL 1Manganese in foraminiferal calcite as a proxy for OXYgen content Christine BARRAS Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique - Etudes des bio-indicateurs actuels et fossiles (LPG-BIAF UMR 6112) Université d'Angers
VISUEL 1Effects of green tides on the functioning of intertidal ecosystems Hervé Le Bris, Jacques Grall Unité Mixte de Recherche Ecologie et Santé des Ecosystèmes Université Bretagne Occidentale (IUEM) et Agrocampus Ouest (UMR ESE)






MM - Matière Matériaux


Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
TéléchargerMulti-redox coordination polymers built up from dithiolene ligands DEVIC Thomas, FOURMIGUE Marc IMN, ISCR/MM CNRS
VISUEL 1New heteromultifunctional linkers : preparation, reactivity and incorporation of azamacrocyclic ligands BERTUS Philippe, TRIPIER Raphaël IMMM, CEMCA/MM Le Mans Université
Catalyse éniantosélective FELPIN François-Xavier, LALLI Claudia CEISAM, ISCR/MM Université de Nantes


BROSSEAU Christian LabSTICC Université Bretagne Occidentale








Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
visuel Design and prototype of a coarse-grained reconfigurable and secured crypto-processor Philipe COUSSY Lab-Sticc Université Bretagne Sud
TéléchargerFrom Environmental Omics to Eco-systems
Metabolic Modeling of Microbial Communities
Samuel Chaffron LS2N Université de Nantes
VISUEL 1Novel quasi-optical beamformers for next generational multi-beam systems Mauro Ettorre IETR Université de Rennes 1
Télécharger Partial differential equations, probability theory, renormalisation Ismaël BAILLEUL IRMAR Université de Rennes 1
Télécharger An MDE approach to ease the co-validation with domain experts of adaptive learning scenarios Pierre LAFORCADE LIUM Le Mans Université
Geometrie et dynamique sur les revetements
 en courbure negative 
Barbara SCHAPIRA, Samuel TAPIE IRMAR, LMJL Université de Rennes 1
Trusted Collaborative Services Hala Skaf-Molli, Jean‐Marie GILLIOT LS2N, Lab-Sticc Université de Nantes
Mecanismes de broadcast par lien radio
 au sein de NoC nouvelles generation
Jean-Philippe Diguet Lab-Sticc Université Bretagne Sud
pictoSingularities of sensor-based controllers using the hidden (parallel) robot concept Olivier KERMORGANT, Sébastien BRIOT. LS2N Ecole Centrale Nantes

OST - Organisation, sociétés, territoires


Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
Télécharger History, Development and Institutionalisation of the Schengen Area Michel Catala CRHIA Université de Nantes
téléchargerMigrations, sexualités, tourisme Chadia Arab, Angelina Etiemble ESO, VIPS Université d'Angers
TéléchargerPerspectives on the decline of the coastline Amélie Nicolas, Laurence Moisy AAU, ESO CNRS
VISUEL 1 The child and family genealogical stories : globalisation of practices, new issues, counter-archives Patrice Marcilloux, Bénédicte Grailles, David Niget CERHIO, CERHIO Université d'Angers
VISUEL 1Promotion of the eating well by the culinary Christine Petr, Gaëlle Pantin-Sohier LEGO, GRANEM Université Bretagne Sud

TéléchargerLes innovations du tourisme pédestre sur les littoraux : enjeux socio-économiques et socio-écologiques

Yohann Rech, Michaël Attali VIPS, VIPS Université Rennes 2





EUTES - Environnement : univers, terre, écologie, sociétés

Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
TéléchargerIdentification of molecular biomarkers in Lymnaea stagnalis, model invertebrate in ecotoxicology Coutellec  Marie Agnès, Armengaud Jean UMR_A ESE, CEA/DRF/JOLIOT/DMTS/SPI/Li2D INRA










Project name Head(s) of the scientific project Research laboratory Hiring Institution
VISUEL 1 Innovative numerical methods for the dynamic behavior of a structure in interaction with a free surface Jean-Marc Cadou IRDL Université de Bretagne Sud
Télécharger Sensitive non-destructive testing of cracked and fatigued materials by linear and nonlinear resonance of zero group velocity Lamb modes Samuel Raetz LAUM Le Mans Université
TéléchargerPhysics and mechanics of B TiMo alloys - Application to forming Sandrine Thuillier IRDL Université Bretagne Sud